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The Company

It was 1989, a historic year.
Four friends and professionals in their fields of expertise decided to combine their skills and challenge themselves to create a unique production facility where human and capital value would get due recognition.
Topstar, the company with a soul, was created.

A happy place that has become an expression of
– Technologically advanced production
– Excellence in service
– Guarantee of rapid and rigorous deadlines
– Certain traceability of the product, every time

35000 sq. m. in Pesaro headquarters
1000000 sq. m of processed product
140+ IndustrySpecialists

An ever-evolving company

We have revolutionised the post-forming world, taking life force from constantly challenging ourselves to innovate the production process. The search for the most qualifying products is combined with the latest technological applications for an offering that knows no limits to customisation.
We have consolidated our reputation in the domestic market as a reference brand thanks to the more technologically advanced value of our business proposition and deepened the core business with the important development of finished countertops in foreign markets.

An ever-evolving company
A product that can tell its own story

A product that can tell its own story

We apply the most technologically advanced model to our production system so as to ensure innovation, customisation and efficiency.
We started from semi-finished bars to widen our countertop offerings as a reference.
Not only countertops, but also doors and coating front panels for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms.
The high level of customisation is reflected in the finishes, in the edging, trimming, drilling for handles and hinges, in the integration of the sink into the kitchen countertop, and even in the off-line craftsmanship.

So many strengths

Possible perfection.
A happy Vision allows us to be the market trendsetters in coming up with new process innovations and customisations.
We have chosen to build our strength on credibility.
We are skilled in finding materials that ensure the highest product standards and the most faithful reproduction of natural finishes.
We are skilled in processing and delivering a supply in up to 4 days from order, we work all phases of the countertop in a continuous cycle, without manual handling.
Our smart production systems monitor production, maintenance and stock availability, and our after-sales service ensures traceability of every product.

Eco-friendly policy

We have chosen to embark on a path of alignment with the policies followed by the most environmentally advanced European countries. We are active in researching and ennobling materials that come from non-controversial sources, we reduce processing scraps and the use of harmful substances such as formaldehyde. In fact, our products are ISO 9001, Chain of Custody certified. Every manufactured item that leaves our production units undergoes rigorous compliance testing according to various quality and safety standards.
CoC certifications guarantee full traceability of the origin of wood and ensure that work forces are employed respecting the fundamental principles and rights of work established in the ILO convention and enshrined in current national legislation.

Our history

Years of winning bets and passion for our work.
Years of discoveries and technological investments.
Years of challenges met and sharing within the group.
Years of continuous growth and market recognition.

  • 1989Topstar is created. The challenge of 4 professionals who, against the trend, invest capital, knowledge and skills in a new reality, to innovate the post-forming world.
  • 1990Production starts. The first countertops and semi-finished products for kitchen manufacturers are produced and distributed.
  • 1992The Topstar family expands. We create Sintesi, dedicated to countertop squaring and edging.
  • 1994Production rates increase, and a new high-speed plant dedicated to post-forming is installed.
  • 1997Topstar obtains ISO 9001 Quality Certification, attesting to the implementation and coordination of its corporate management policy.
  • 2001Salmarmi joins the Topstar family, specialising in pre-forming machining, and takes the name of Topforming.
  • 2002The family expands, business grows, Topstar builds its new plant.
  • 2004The first production line for countertop customisation is installed, complete with handling and storage for 200 countertops and semi-finished products.
  • 2006Topforming is incorporated into Topstar.
  • 2007Topstar further develops its production area.
  • 2011Ricci Egidio & C. srl, with its forty years of experience serving the furniture industry, merges into Topstar Group while maintaining its full identity and production autonomy.
  • 2013Topstar increases its production strength with the implementation of a fully automated line to process 1,300 customised countertops in a single shift. It is the most impressive integrated plant in Italy.
  • 2015The automatic processing and packaging line is upgraded to meet the growing demand for the production of patterned countertops in a very short time.
  • 2017Work to expand Pesaro headquarters to its current 25,000 sq. m. is completed. The European expansion of Topstar brand begins. It deepens and diversifies its business offerings by gaining tangible recognition in foreign markets.
  • 2018The consolidation of its reputation is also manifested through the visual evolution of its brand identity. A strong testimony to the increased brand value received by markets and stakeholders.
  • 2019Topstar turns 30 years old. Thirty years of seamless growth. A recognition of the value of its group and the strategic choices that have made it an absolute market reference.
  • 2022Topstar renews its institutional digital look, an expression of the consolidation of its national and international position as an absolute reference in the supply of semi-finished and finished countertops for furniture manufacturers and dealers.
Quality and management systems

Quality and management systems

Extreme attention to the quality of solutions, rigour in production management, timely traceability of all processes, as well as consistency and sensitivity in raw material research have enabled Topstar to obtain the following certifications:
– UNI EN ISO 9001 and CISQ/CSI-ICILA for Quality Management
– Traceability of the entire Custody chain paper and wood supply chain, for the products and people involved

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