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Partnering with Italy’s most famous furniture manufacturers, we combine quality with quantity to ensure unmatched and unparalleled service.
We work alongside designers to find the best product solutions, to support them in the success of their project and to check the feasibility of a solution to be implemented.

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Excellence in quality

We combine Product Quality with Service Quality by choosing the best raw materials, from chipboard to laminate, from HPL to FENIX. We provide customers with maximum flexibility in customising countertops, doors and profiles, ensuring the highest inherent quality, from quotation to supply, from sales support to after-sales follow-up.

Design and research

A very rich selection of chipboard and a well-established relationship with laminate manufacturers, combined with our distinctive technological equipment, allow us to work alongside furniture manufacturers to make exclusive original solutions concrete and provide the most functional and high-performance answers for everything related to the exterior items that make up kitchens and furniture.


Our ultra-high-tech facilities enable us to perform all process steps in a continuous cycle up to post-sale service, and to process different bars and countertops, always at high production intensity, thus guaranteeing delivery in a maximum of 4 days from order entry.


We manage the full process control with an integrated smart production and maintenance software system, which maps all stages: from stock availability to the management of incoming raw bars, from sawing, squaring and edging to surface finishing, up to finished product packaging and storage.
It ensures traceability, colouring, and finishing throughout the cycle, creating a direct interface with the customer, from the time of order to shipping and receiving.



Our company is structured and sized to serve large industry, with highly efficient order management. Our logistics system provides timely and certain service, perfectly tracked from the time of order. We guarantee maximum customisation in labelling and packaging as well as maximum flexibility for all shipping and delivery needs.

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