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A solution of integrated sinks designed to be matched with countertops made of any type of laminate as well as FENIX 1.2 mm laminate with a colour-matched core.

The FENIX INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS KITCHEN SINKS collection is an elegant and harmonious choice that combines performance and aesthetics.
Designed for sink production, this mix consists of ceramic nanoparticles and six innovative acrylic resins.
Its special composition makes the sink highly resistant to impact and thermal stress.
Its smooth surface allows water to flow quickly and creates a “lotus effect” that facilitates cleaning.
The anti-UV treatment protects the sink from fading over time.

FENIX integrated sinks and undertop
FENIX KITCHEN SINKS are inserted from below and attached to the countertop in two different ways: undertop (for HPL and FENIX laminated countertops) or built-in (for HPL, FENIX and FENIX 1.2 mm laminated countertops with colour-matched core glued on a support).


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